The Book of Eli

I have to tell you, I’m a sucker for a good old apocalypse… the grimmer, the better!   I did, however, have low expectations for The Book of Eli, particularly due to the mediocre reviews.   Looks like the critics were correct  — a sappy, predictable story in a dystopian world doesn’t good entertainment make.   I mean, Denzel Washington is a great actor and all, but….

The story revolves around a drifter named Eli, played by the ever brooding Denzel.  Whilst avoiding (ok, killing!) raiders he is lead into a warped society where the dictatorial leader (Gary Oldman) attempts to get this ‘magical’ book which Eli happens to possess.   Enter  Solara (the lovely Mila Kunis)  who escapes with Eli to save the book and find a better world.  Shooting ensues as Eli and Solara make the way across the wasteland.   I want say anymore because I won’t want to spoil it for you but I will say that you do end up discovering the title of the book.   It’s not that bad of a flick to watch, but only if you get it free from your local library.

The plot is thin but the graphics are darkly lovely, albeit a wee bit familiar.  While watching it I couldn’t help but think… is this director a  Fallout 3 fan?

Eli in the Wasteland

Eli in the Wasteland

And now for the desolate world of Fallout 3:

Fallout Wasteland

Eli by the bridge:

Fallout 3 bridge:

G4 really took it to the hilt with showing you how comfortable our pal Eli looks in the Fallout universe:

Coincidence?  You decide.


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Harmony Korine

So what do you get when you cross Silent Hill, Cthuhlu cultistism and The Birds?

Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson recently released his first solo album Insurgentes  and the video for Harmony Korine is a dystopian nightmare.   Once again Wilson enlists the help of long time friend and photog Lasse Hoile to set the stage for the song….  I hope you enjoy the Holga-like quality of the film.

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No one wants to linger in the York Street Cemetery


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